Discover Scuba Diving Try Dive

Have you ever wondered what it is like to breathe underwater? If you want to find out, but aren't quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover  Scuba Diving will let you try scuba to see if you like it. Why wait until you go on vacation when you can try here and now at home. Whilst not an actual scuba certification, during the Discover Scuba Diving experience you'll learn to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Why Padi Discover Scuba Diving?
It may be you just want to try it out before booking on the full course, we certaintley recommend this if you have never tried scuba before and then if you are interested in continuing it can only give you a head start to the exicting things to come.
Are there any Prerequisites?
To take Discover Scuba Diving, you must be, at least 10 years old. But if you are 8 or 9 don't worry there is still our Bubble Maker and Seal Team programs to start you diving.
What will i do?
You will be given a briefing explaining what to do in the water, shown how to set up scuba and given the opportunity to do it for yourself then off to the pool to put all into practice.
How long does it take?
The whole experience is around 3 hours with as much time as possible spent in the pool.
What does the experience include?
Everything! Pool entry, all Scuba equipment and Certificate.
What do i need to provide?
You just need to bring with you swimming costume, T-shirt to wear in pool and a huge smile. Don't worry if you forget the last one as we will surely be trying to get one for you:-)
Where can i go from here?
Got the taste for it now? The next step is to book on a full certification course such as Padi Scuba Diver, or why not go all the way with the Padi Open Water certification.
When can i start?
Straight away. Contact the dive center to secure your place on the next session every Tuesday evening.
What will it cost?
The whole evening's experience with everything included is just £25