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ABOUT US The Scuba Shack Team.

Want to meet the team of incredible people waiting to take you on your next adventure? 

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  • Becky Hickman

    Becky Hickman

  • Tiegan Jones

    Tiegan Jones

    Shop Staff
  • Max Wearing

    Max Wearing

    Tec Rec Instructor
  • Richard Mathews

    Richard Mathews

    Staff Instructor
  • Damien Lynch

    Damien Lynch

    Staff Instructor
  • Mike Newton

    Mike Newton

    Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Adam Ball

    Adam Ball

  • Simon De la concha

    Simon De La Concha

  • Bella Castanheira

    Bella Castanheira

  • Jon Price

    Jon Price

  • Artur Lewandowski

    Artur Lewandowski

  • Dion Rowe

    Dion Rowe

    Divemaster in Training
  • It could Be you

    It could Be you

    Divemaster in Training