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Paralenz Are In At Scuba Shack

Equipment Becky COMMENTS 22 May, 2018


For a while we've been waiting for a camera that is worth while and offers incredible imagery and video to it's user and we finally think we've found it! 


The Benefits...

THE DCC...Possibly THE most important and intelligent feature on this camera is the Digital Colour Correction (DCC) this allows the camera to alter the colours on the footage or picture according the depth it is and as it states on Paralenz website this is the equivilent of changing a filter every 10cm!! 


The Battery...Having battery life that last the whole day's diving not just one dive is a great benefit for obvious reason, meaning you can capture every moment from ever dive


Made of Strong Stuff... As we all know diving and being underwater is a VERY specific environment and has specific needs which means we needed a camera that lives up to this. The Paralenz is made of military grade materials which even means it can withstand being run over! (Check out the video on their website linked below) 


If taking incredible footage of the underwater world is something that your interested in then look no further then the Paralenz camera! 




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