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FARNES NOVEMBER 2018 Come And Play With The Seals

Farnes 3rd - 4th November 2018!

As a dive center we are always looking for new and exciting experiences for our students to come and join in on, and what an incredible experience it is to say that you've been and played with the seals!

So on 3rd & 4th November we will be at the Farnes Islands and would love you to join us, do some diving and make friends with the seals!

For those who've been to the Farnes before you'll know what a lovely location it is and for those that dont there is much to see in and out of the water  

From those new to diving, to those with bagfulls of experience Farnes is a site that can appeal to all, it may only be a shallow dive site but has something that are few and far between which is the smount of playful seals there is

Want to come along?

Then don't hesitate to let us know by either dropping us an email or popping into the dive center, we look forward to seeing as many of there as possible!

***SOLD OUT***